Registration conditions

Inclusion in the BIG-register is subject to certain conditions, depending on the country in which you gained your degree, diploma or other qualifications.

If you hold an approved Dutch qualification

  • Your diploma must be valid

  • You may practise your profession without restrictions limitations

  • Your registration fees must have been paid

  • You must not have been placed under guardianship as a result of mental illness.

If you hold an international qualification you must meet additional requirements, depending on

  • The country in which you qualified

  • Your nationality

  • The profession for which you are applying.

Go to international registration route.

Proof of language proficiency mandatory for BIG (Dutch Individual Healthcare Professionals) registration as of 1 January 2017

As a health care professional working in the Netherlands, you are required to have sufficient command of the Dutch language. From the perspective of the Dutch government and for reasons of quality of care, communication in Dutch between health care professionals and patients or clients is considered very important.

As of 1 January 2017, proof of language proficiency is therefore mandatory for BIG registration. The type of proof and the procedure depends on the country where you obtained your diploma.

I have a Dutch diploma

Required proof of language proficiency:

  • primary and secondary school diplomas from a Dutch educational institute, or
  • a diploma from a completed Dutch language course for the profession under which you want to register.

I have a European diploma

Read more on the proof of language proficiency requirement for health care providers with a European diploma.

My diploma was obtained outside Europe (my diploma has yet to be recognised)

If you have a non-European diploma, the BIG register requires you to sit a language exam within the framework of the recognition procedure. You can apply for BIG registration on obtaining recognition of your diploma. The diploma recognition will serve as proof of language proficiency. Read more on the procedure for diploma recognition.