About the BIG-register

We administer the registration of healthcare professionals in the BIG-register, doing so on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. We also issue a Declaration of Professional Competence to care providers wishing to practise on the Netherlands on the basis of a diploma awarded in another country.

The BIG-register
Further to the requirements of the BIG Act, we maintain a register of over 350,000 healthcare professionals, such as doctors, physiotherapists and nurses. This register provides clarity and certainty regarding the care provider’s qualifications and entitlement to practise. Is a certain person registered? Does a doctor specialize in a certain area of medicine? Have any restrictions been imposed upon them? Anyone can consult the register, either online or by telephone.

Declaration of Professional Competence
Care providers holding a foreign diploma must meet a number of quality requirements. For example, their training and any subsequent professional experience must enable them to practise at the same level as a care provider who holds a diploma awarded in the Netherlands. We assess whether a care provider with a foreign diploma is able to meet all quality requirements, and make the relevant official decision on behalf of the minister. If a care provider meets all requirements, he will be issued with a ‘Declaration of Professional Competence’ which entitles him to apply for full registration.


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